Goa​l of the Game

Lay your journey cards paths as you race or thwart other players to McGuffin Mountain. Sucessfully complete a journey path and claim one of Nebthos's Treasures. Also collect minor treasures from the destiny deck along your way. The player with the most fame at the end of the game wins!

Game Setup

• Deal 4 journey Cards and 1 Destiny Card to each player. 
• Place 8 Treasure Cards in the center. Set aside the 2 extra; they aren’t used this round. 
• Place the Journey Card draw pile next to the Treasures. 
• Place the Destiny Card draw pile in the center of the treasures to represent McGuffin Mountain.

Journey Card Actions

• Play one Journey Card per turn. The first card on a path may be any number. The next cards must be of equal or higher value to the previous card on the path. 
• You may have up to two journey paths at a  time. Each path must be the same terrain unless modified by a Destiny Card. (ex: One path is ocean and one is desert.)
 • Dead End: Instead of playing a Journey Card, you can instead discard three of them.  (see "draw phase")
 • You can discard an entire path and start over at any point as a free action.

Destiny Card Actions

• Discard three Destiny Cards to claim a treasure. (see "Claiming a Treasure")  
 • Modify a Journey Card. Choose either the last card on the path or the new one. 
(ex: The last card on the path is a 10. If  you have a Telescope and a 5, you can use  the Telescope to make the 10 a 4 then play  the 5 -OR- make the 5 an 11 to play after  the 10.) 
• Claim a Minor Treasure. Any “Discover” card can add to “Fame” and you may play  them to begin securing your fame.
 *Discover a Time Machine: Play a Journey Card from your hand anywhere along the  path -OR- you can keep it to claim +1 fame.  

 • Other Destiny Cards
 *“Steal” cards: Steal a journey or destiny  card from another player’s hand. It may be helpful, it may not.
*Wild Cards: Change a Journey Card’s  terrain to match the existing path. 
*Hidden Path: Change the terrain of an  existing path to match a new Journey Card. 
*Fresh Start: The last Journey Card on a path becomes a zero, You can play any new  Journey Card of the same terrain next. 
*Ole Switcheroo: You may swap a treasure  box with another player. This cannot be  used on minor treasures.
*Thwart/Cancel Thwart: These can be played out of turn and can be used to stop any action. Thwarts can be countered with other thwarts, but Cancel Thwart ends all. 

Draw Phase

• Draw back up to four Journey Cards.   • Draw a Destiny Card IF the Journey Card you played was a higher value than the previous one. (Starting a new path or  playing a card of equal value do not count.) -OR- You discarded three Journey Cards. 

Claiming a Treasure

• Your journey path is complete when it has five cards. On the turn you complete your journey, you may claim a treasure!
• Discard three Destiny cards from your  hand and randomly choose which treasure you claim. Once you look at it, this card is played face down in front of you.
• If you don’t have enough Destiny Cards, you can keep your journey path intact and claim the treasure when you do.
• This treasure can only be stolen with the “Ole Switcheroo” card. 

Ending the Game

• The game ends when there are no Destiny Cards to draw. The volcano explodes! 
• Look through remaining cards to come up with a story to share about your journey. (ex: Meet a Pathfinder, Indecisive, Espresso Beans, Discover a New Bird, Holy Grail.)
When I began my journey I was too  indecisive. I just couldn’t figure out the best route to McGuffin Mountain. Thankfully, I met a pathfinder. After we shared some espresso, he led me on a path where we discovered a beautiful bird. Even the pathfinder had never seen such a bird. The bird became our pet and came along to the mountain where we found the Holy Grail! Which we now use as a bird bath.”
• Count the fame from Treasure and Destiny Cards. Any “discoveries” still in a player’s hand do count toward the fame total. (ex: Using the same example as above, that player’s fame total would be +12.) 
• The player with the most fame wins!

Additional Ru​les

These are additional Rules

The Time Machine can be used as a Thwart.

The Time Machine counts at 
+1 Fame if claimed as a Destiny Action

Only one journey card can be played at a time. Numbers can't be combined.

Game Variants

Steal Journey Card allows you to steal from a player hand OR from a player's journey path

Cancel Thwarts and the Time Machine Card can be played to stop the mountain from exploding to allow for one more round.

Player with the best adventure story at the end of game gets +1 Fame

No Thwartin' !

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